Sheila Majid was born on 3 January 1965 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She attended the Convent Goodshepherd Kindergarten, Kuala Lumpur Girls Primary School and Methodist Girls’ Secondary School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She married Roslan Aziz, the producer of her previous album, but has divorced him. Sheila performed at the Tokyo Music Festival in 1989. Now, we will find out what is toto 4d lucky number with her.

Biography of Sheila Majid

Her sensual vocals and exhilarating music, Sheila Majid quickly rose to the top of the Malaysian music scene. Her debut album, “Dimensi Baru” (New Dimension), was almost on the market in 1985. Her fourth album “Lagende (Legend)” was released in 1990, more than the triple platinum level. In 1995, she and the Malaysian singer Nora, “Jentayu” duet, won the Best Music Performance at the Group and the Best Song of the Year. Majid’s fame began in 1982 when she auditioned for producer Roslan Aziz, and heard that she sang unofficially at the Raintree club’s birthday party in Kuala Lumpur.

Performing an original tune, “You Should Know Now”, in the auditions, Majid impressed Aziz, although he was not affiliated to a label, he signed a recording contract. Magejid and Aziz later fell in love, got married. Financing Majid’s debut album, Dimensi Baru, Aziz’s recording costs began to seek a label willing to release it. His work did not materialize for two years because the recording was considered “too much light jazz and R & B.

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The last convincing EMI release it was in 1985. This album is an instant hit. Majid’s second album, Emosi (Emotion), released the following year, the same success. Along with her third album, Varna (color) was released in 1987, Majid became the first Malaysian artist to release the CD. In addition to becoming a superstar in Malaysia , Majid established a strong follower in Japan, her album, Wanita (female), previously unavailable in Japanese songs, was released exclusively in Japan in 1993.

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