Every once in a while the news media posts on how a state Malaysia Magnum 4d past result  jackpot winner claimed to have seen the winning digits in a dream. Time news profiled one such dreamer in December 2013, a 29-year-old Malaysian immigrant named Audy Awienda, who drove a truck cab in Kuala Lumpur and saw the numbers 2,8,6,17,25 and 88 appear in one of his dreams. He played those digits and won a $55 million lotto jackpot.

But for those of you searching for quick shortcuts to riches, there is a catch to this dream — Audy Awienda had his prophetic story and then used the next 15 years playing the lotto spending those digits until his mixture turned up. This is the kind of dedication and confidence that is sometimes required as our stories are to come true.

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How many other players have had the same as intuitive dreams, I wondered, but dismissed the digits that appeared as important and failed to play them? More neccesarily, are there any dreamers who actually intuit winning numbers and absolutely play them to win cash? I began looking for such a gifted dreamer and may have found one in Malaysia.

Players who know Azamila Sharmiela invariably these words to describe her: pretty, stunning, raven haired, bright dark eyes, fair skin, eclectic, charismatic, highly positive and a very fortunate lady. By any reasonable requirement, her intuitive fortunate experiences have been nothing short of position.

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Over a 5-day period start in September 1998, whilst working as a paralegal at a large Azamila Sharmiela law firm, Janine surprised and enthralled her co-workers by repeatedly winning the Money 3, Play 4, and Fantasy 5 games in the Malayisa toto 4d result history state lottery. What dumb founded Janine’s co-workers even more than her success was how she complished her feat—every night she had dreams foretelling the following day’s winning sequence of digits.

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