The most obvious accessory is jewelry; so let’s begin there. Jewelry can play a crucial role in you prom event ensemble. It accents your gown, and it boosts your own personal style! Whether that style is simple and classic, or funky and daring, there is a gewgaw out there that makes your statement. You should understand it’s important not to wear too much accessory. As I said, accessory is there to accent and enhance. Even a charming piece may overwhelm the look of the dress. As a lot of accessory is your style, you might want to down play it this prom. Most prom clothes are fine with a minimum of accessory. Simple earrings and an elegant and tasteful necklace will do the trick. My favorite jewelry is a classic set of pearls. They are sexy and they reek of class! And when you don’t have them, you can borrow your mom’s.


But speaking of mom, I recommend that before you raid her accessory collection, or go out and splurge on costly jewelry, you think of the look you are trying to go for. Costly trinkets are flashy, “and diamonds may be a girl’s best friend,” but you don’t often need gems to wear a dress. Consider tying you ensemble together with a simple ribbon. Spend the same color for a good look, or try a contrasting color to make a bold statement. You could even make your own accessory! Only give yourself plenty of time.

You could even forego accessory all together, and benefit for hair accessories; maybe clips with Bavarian crystal by UMA of New York.