First, I need to tell you the truth of the guy – I’ve never won any important prizes before 4D, I’ve got the closest thing to be the RM50 lottery 4D omnipotent. Not a small amount? I really like to share how you predict the winning toto 4d lucky number in Figure 4d yourself even creating a tutorial on how to attack 4D. I hope I can assure you that determination is not enough to master the secret attack 4D many million words of people.

Reason why you should believe in them

Because the lottery is an opportunity game, it is almost impossible to come up with a way to choose the winning number 4D. In some of the world’s best mathematical minds trying to analyze the results and predict the model, only to find winning numbers are random 4D. Based on the experience of friends and friends -OF-4D Friend Award, I think there may be a link to metaphysics to win somebody’s lottery. For example, often in these people, for example witnessed or participated in, gave them access to winning numbers 4D traffic accident problems in life.


If you believe in toto 4d lucky number, they are likely to be numbers that revolve around important dates or events in your life. For example, you can use:

Birthday: Yours, your child, your partner, and so on.

Anniversary: This may be the date of a wedding anniversary or important event.

Age: Using your age and the age of your loved ones is also a common practice.

Address: Your childhood or current address is a tactic that you can try.

Phone number: Try breaking your phone number into a single or double 4D string.

Sometimes, all you have to do is listen to your sixth sense. If a group can come from any number of places, such as license plates, housing numbers, phone numbers, I / C numbers and so on. It seems to trigger your intuition and it is also the way the universe can give you a stroke. Your car, I was involved in a minor collision with another car. She hastened to buy two car license plate number, one of which won the award 4d result malaysia today live.


How to collect your 4D win?

If you are in this section, see how and read where you can collect your winning million words. Well, I have to say that NavInfo congratulates you on buying some free money! All cash prizes from Universal 4D and Sportstoto should be collected 180 days (approximately 6 months) from the Victory Day. For Damacai, you will need to collect your prize within 90 days.

Always remember to bring your ticket when you want to collect your bonus to ensure that the winning lottery ticket is confirmed in good condition Win 4D (S) and Malaysian ID. Any toto4D win less than RM2,000 tends to be paid in cash and you can ask any 4D big score to beat the RM2,000 check now, should you go collect your bonus? In fact, you can collect 4d victories in any store nationwide or whether you claim your bonus from your outlest bets. If your winning percentage exceeds RM60,000, then you may need to collect bonuses at their regional offices.

For those who still can not determine the winning lottery payout, you can refer to the Payout Structure 4d Award below. The lottery payment structure is applicable to all operations regardless of any brand.

Large forecast:

1st Prize – RM2,500

Second Prize – RM 1000

3 Awards – RM 500

Special Award – RM 180

Comfort – RM 60

Small million:

1st Prize – RM3,500

2nd Prize – RM2,500

3 Awards – RM 1000

Special Award – RM 0

Comfort – RM 0

The payment is based on the minimum bet amount 1 ringgit payment structure is multiplied by your bet amount, that is, you hit the first prize @ RM 5 big forecast and forecast small: 4d your victory is [RM 2500 × 5] + [RM3500 X 5 = RM 30000