At Prom Girl we prepare formal dresses to suit all body sorts, from busty or slender, hourglass or pretty, we have got a dress made to suit you and make you feel happy. To make it easier for you to seek the most flattering formal dress, we have ranged Prom Girl’s formal dresses so you can shop for the best dress style for your body shape and have a more customized moments.


The busty Prom Girl body sort is as your bust is large, your hips are narrow and sometimes the waist is not well known. The key to dressing a busty body sort is to draw attention up to your face and to get your broader upper body with your narrower lower body to generate more of an hourglass effect. This is get by selecting dresses that add curves to your hips whilst making a more defined waist. As you love your legs, show them off, but be sure not to go too short with the hemline or you will boost a top-heavy look.

 formal dress


The apple Prom Girl body sort is as you carry your weight through your middle. When an apple body type you absolutely have slim legs and a shorter undefined waist. A dress with an empire waist or embellished top draws the eye to your upper shape. An A-line or full skirt will support camouflage your middle, and as you love your legs, be sure to sidplay them off!

Cocktail Dress formal-dress1


The pear Prom Girl body sort is as your hips are larger than your bust and your waist is well defined. With a pear body sort your waist is your best asset, so be sure to flaunt it! As dressing a pear body shape, the purpose is to get volume to your upper body, emphasize your small waist and de-emphasize your lower body to generate a balanced silhouette. We suggest a dress with a fitted open neck or strapless top and full or A-line dress to hide a wider hip.